Enthusem Terms of Use

These are the terms that all users of enthusem are governed by. Please read them carefully because when you access or use the enthusem site or any of our services you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, along with any other rules, guidelines or restrictions that are posted or may be posted in specific sections of the enthusem site. Those additional posted rules are made part of these Terms of Use by reference here. You should review the Terms of Use each time you access the site. Enthusem reserves the right to make changes in the Terms of Use at any time without advance notice. By use of enthusem and acceptance of these Terms of Use you also agree that we may provide all legal communications and notices to you electronically by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address that you provided to enthusem when you registered or alternately, and our discretion by posting them on our website. By contacting enthusem customer support you may withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications, however, if you withdraw your consent you must also discontinue your use of your account. Content

The enthusem Site contains graphics, photographs, images, document layouts, artwork, text, fonts, music, software tools, and other information (referred to within these Terms of Use as “Content”). This Site and all Content are the copyrighted property of enthusem or the copyrighted property of parties from whom enthusem has obtained a license to such property. All rights in this Site and its Content are reserved worldwide. It is strictly prohibited to retain, to copy, to distribute, to publish, or to use any portion of the Content except as expressly allowed within these Terms of Use. Enthusem reserves the right to add to, to delete from, or to modify any part of Content at any time without prior notice.

You are granted permission to access and use this Site and the Content of the Site for the sole purpose of evaluating, preparing and purchasing enthusem products or services. The purchase of any enthusem product does not entitle you to use any portion of the Content of those products apart from the finished product as it is supplied by enthusem. No download, retention, use, publication, or distribution of any portion of the Content is authorized or permitted outside of enthusem. No portion of Content may be utilized for any pornographic use, to defame any person, to violate any person’s right of privacy or publicity, to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, service mark or other intellectual property right of any person or entity or for any unlawful purpose or use.

You are solely responsible for your use of enthusem Content in combination with any other images, graphics, text or other materials you that you may incorporate into any enthusem product or service. You agree that you will not include any text, image, design, trademark, service mark, or any copyrighted work of any third party in an enthusem product unless you have obtained the appropriate authorizations from the owners. You also warrant that any product you produce using the enthusem site does not infringe upon any rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy, and will not libel or defame any third party, and that you have all required rights or permissions to use any third-party material. By placing an order through enthusem, you warrant that you have any and all necessary permissions, rights and the authority to place the order and you authorize enthusem to produce on your behalf.

Responsible Use

You agree to use this Site in a responsible manner that is in full compliance with the enthusem Terms of Use and also with all local laws and regulations. You agree that you will not use the Site to produce products or messages or viewable files that are offensive, unlawful, harassing, libelous, threatening, harmful, obscene, malicious or otherwise objectionable.

Unsolicited E-Mail, Spam and Automated Use

You may not use this Site to send enthusem products or communications in any way that would constitute the transmission of Spam or unsolicited e-mails. You may not use scripting or other programs to automate the creation and/or transmission of enthusem product or messages unless you have been authorized by enthusem to do so in conjunction with a partner or reseller agreement, or unless you have contracted directly with enthusem under a separate written agreement.

Use of Your Account and Password

You agree that you are responsible for protecting your personal password and for controlling access to your registered account. You agree that you will be responsible for all orders placed or other actions that are taken through your registered account.

Files and Storage

Enthusem communication services are not designed as the primary place to store any materials; you are responsible for creating backups of materials you post to any communication service such as photos, documents and software. Enthusem is not responsible for loss of, access to, deletion, alteration, or restoration of any materials associated with a communication service. You are responsible for protecting your own computer and that of anyone you provide files for on the enthusem system against interference or viruses that may be encountered on the Internet and/or the enthusem site. Enthusem does not screen, backup, or restore user-created material stored within enthusem services. We recommend you install a virus protection program on your computer and keep it up to date.